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Private medical insurance provides quick access to private medical treatment for you and your loved ones.
Private medical insurance (PMI) is designed to cover the cost of private medical treatment for ‘acute conditions’ that start after your policy begins. A policy covers a variety of diagnostics to identify the disease, illness or injury and offers the best course of treatment to return you to the state of health you were in before suffering the disease, illness or injury. 
PMI is available in a range of different cover levels. A policy can be designed around your requirements and circumstances to suit your budget.  The benefit of having such a policy are prompt referral to a consultant, quick admission to hospital, advanced treatment options, access to the latest Cancer drugs and treatment, privacy of an en-suite room, hospital comfort and cleanliness. 
You can choose to cover yourself, or include your Partner/Spouse and children providing timely access to healthcare for your loved ones. You will have access to the leading Consultants and Specialists and choose from a range of Private Hospitals that provide the latest, advanced medical treatments. We will also aim to provide cover to include any injuries you sustain from your chosen sport.