Mountaineering Scotland Insurance

Whether it is the call of Cairngorm, Ben Nevis, or any other mountain, you may be interested in financial protection for your peace of mind. Summit Financial Services are here to help, we are a membership benefit of Mountaineering Scotland and specialise in arranging Mountaineering Scotland Insurance cover for life insurance, critical illness cover or income protection cover. Get in touch for a free quote. Call us for specialist financial advice on a wide range of financial protection for climbing, hill walking and mountaineering

What is Mountaineering Scotland insurance?

Mountaineering Scotland is the national representative organisation for hill walkers, climbers and mountaineers in Scotland. This sporting body offers training and information to mountain users to promote safety, self-reliance and enjoyment of Scotland’s mountain environments. 

There are different types of Mountaineering Scotland insurance. You may find some cover for Civil Liability cover as part of your membership package (check your membership to find what type of cove you receive). Other optional types of cover could include life insurance, critical illness and income protection cover.

As with any extreme sport, Mountaineering Scotland recognises the risks involved with mountain climbing and hillwalking. They want to ensure that all mountain users are aware of these risks which include personal injury and death, and that they know that they are responsible for their actions. If an individual who participates in climbing activities wants to ensure their assets, home and family are protected in the event of an accident, it is important they have the right financial protection in place. 

Where does Summit Financial Services come in?

Summit Financial Services are on hand to advise each client individually when it comes to climbing, hillwalking and mountaineering insurance. This saves you valuable time and, with decades of experience, we also bring you the reassurance that we know about climbing. What’s more, because we meet regularly with Mountaineering Scotland and the British Mountaineering Council, we keep our knowledge up to date.

Our specialist knowledge of mountaineering has developed over 20 years in the industry. This means that unlike many other insurance companies, we have an in-depth understanding and knowledge of the sport and the different activities within it.  We understand the difference between technical climbing grades, scrambling grades, Via Ferrata grades and Scottish Winter grades. 

Having this understanding of your activities, combined with our close work with Mountaineering Scotland, allows us to get the most accurate quote for your activities. We are also aware that those who love the outdoors are interested in a range of other outdoor pursuits (e.g., cycling, mountain biking, skiing, or scuba diving). Therefore, we are able to quote for other activities as well when you are applying for Mountaineering Scotland Insurance.

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We are specialists in arranging life insurance, critical illness cover and income protection for climbers, hill walkers and mountaineers (plus many other outdoor sports). If you have been refused cover in the past, or already have a policy in place, it may still be worth getting in touch. We can identify whether the policy you currently have in place gives you the right level of cover, and if there are any other products available on the market that may better suit your needs.

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