Life insurance for Mountain Climbing Experts

life insurance for mountain climbers

Summit Financial Services specialism lies in arranging mountaineering life insurance, income protection, critical illness cover and private medical insurance for climbers, mountaineers and hill walkers. Our friendly team aims to provide the best value protection which takes into account your climbing and mountaineering activities.

Life insurance for Mountain Climbing Experts

Here at Summit Financial Services, we are mountain climbing insurance experts as we have specialised in this type of cover for over 22 years. We know that climbing activities vary and that is why we ask the right climbing related questions so that we can accurately provide the best quote and level of financial protection for your needs.

For example, we understand that there is a difference between sport climbing, trad climbing, bouldering, deep water soloing, lead climbing, top roping via ferrata and much more. Due to our knowledge and understanding of climbing and mountaineering, we can assist you accurately and effectively. What’s more, Summit Financial Services are a trusted membership benefit of the British Mountaineering Council and Mountaineering Scotland.

Summit Financial Services Life Insurance for Mountain Climbing

Summit Financial Services are not partnered with just one insurer. We can compare different insurance options to make sure you get the perfect policy to suit you, your lifestyle and your participation in climbing. We know that you may be looking for life insurance for mountain climbing to protect yourself, your family and home. We can also assist with other types of financial protection which can give you peace of mind should an unfortunate mountaineering accident happen.

Our friendly team of experts are here to help:

  • Specialist mountaineering knowledge– Over the past 22 years, we have worked closely with mountaineering governing bodies to make sure our knowledge is up to date and relevant.
  • Cover for your sport and your lifestyle – We always aim to find the right financial protection cover for you and your hazardous hobby or occupation.This is supported by the knowledge we have gained over the years and the links we have built with specialist underwriters and insurance companies.
  • Personal service – You will have your own specialist personal adviser who will personally discuss your needs, lifestyle and participation in climbing and mountaineering activities.
  • Straight forward application – Our mountain climbing insurance experts have the depth of knowledge to understand you, your climbing activities and the types of financial protection available in the marketplace..

Why choose us for your life insurance for mountain climbing?

Summit Financial Services specialise in arranging financial protection for mountaineers, climbers and hill walkers, meaning we have extensive knowledge in what is right for you.

Another reason is our direction connections which we have built over the years with specialist insurance underwriters. These direct connections help us find the right financial protection for any of your climbing and mountaineering activities.

We are also trusted in the insurance industry and are Associate Members of the British Mountaineering Council. Being closely associated with the British Mountaineering Council and Mountaineering Scotland allows us to keep our knowledge up to date.

Lastly, we know that climbers are responsible individuals who enjoy taking part in a recognised sport and are not ‘risk takers’.

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Summit Financial Services are here to help, whether you need life insurance for mountain climbing, critical illness cover, mortgage protection or income protection cover.

Contact us today for your FREE no obligation quote.

Alternatively, if you already hold an insurance policy elsewhere, it may still be worth getting in touch to see how our options compare with current market offerings. Our experts will discuss if your current policy is providing you with the best cover for your needs and if there are improved premium terms available in the market.

Is life insurance coverage available for mountain climbers?

Yes, life insurance coverage is generally available for mountain climbers. However, it’s important to note that the availability and terms of coverage may vary among insurance providers. Some insurers may have specific policies tailored for high-risk activities like mountain climbing, while others may consider it an exclusion or require additional riders or premiums.

What factors do insurers consider when offering life insurance for mountain climbers?

Insurers typically assess several factors when offering life insurance to mountain climbers. These may include the climber’s experience and skill level, the type and difficulty level of the mountains being climbed, safety precautions taken, the frequency of climbing expeditions, and any previous accidents or injuries sustained during climbing activities. Insurance providers may also consider the climber’s overall health and medical history.

Will participating in mountain climbing affect the cost of life insurance premiums?

Yes, engaging in mountain climbing can impact the cost of life insurance premiums. Since mountain climbing is considered a high-risk activity, insurers may charge higher premiums to compensate for the increased likelihood of accidents or fatalities. The exact impact on premiums will depend on various factors such as the climber’s experience, the frequency of climbing expeditions, and the specific mountains being climbed. It’s advisable to discuss your climbing activities and requirements with insurance providers to understand the cost implications.

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