Financial peace of mind for British Mountaineering Council Members

At Summit Financial Services we know about climbing, hill walking and mountaineering.

We began working with the British Mountaineering Council (BMC), over 20 years ago to meet the needs of members who were looking for financial protection to cover their climbing and mountaineering activities.

So, if you are looking for financial peace of mind when you are engaged in climbing, mountaineering and many other outdoor activities then you have come to the right place.

There are typically four types of financial protection that BMC members usually enquire about:

Typically, a lump sum to support a family in the event of death

A lump sum to pay off a mortgage and support a family in the event of death

Typically, cover to provide financial peace of mind in the circumstance that you are diagnosed with a specific condition

If you have concerns that an accident or illness may stop you from working for a period of time then an Income Protection policy may contribute to your costs of living

If you have a loan, mortgage, credit cards, regular bills or family financial commitments then you may want to consider what would happen if you were unable to meet the payments. Our specialist climbing advisers will be happy to discuss your financial protection options based on your specific needs and lifestyle.     

Because we specialise in cover for walkers, climbers and mountaineers, we’ll be happy to discuss many types of outdoor activities, for example:

  • Alpine climbing & mountaineering
  • Bouldering
  • Deep water soloing
  • Hill walking
  • Ice climbing
  • Lead climbing
  • Trad climbing
  • Top roping
  • Scottish winter climbing
  • Sport climbing
  • Trad climbing
  • Trekking
  • Via Ferrata

As part of the process, when you enquire about cover, we’ll also discuss your climbing grade(s) relevant to the type of climbing you pursue, such as:

  • Alpine grade
  • French climbing grade
  • UIAA climbing grade
  • UK adjectival grades (Moderate to E numbers)
  • UK technical grade
  • Bouldering grade
  • Sport grade
  • Scottish Winter grade
  • Via ferrata grade

In addition, if you also enjoy other outdoor pursuits, please enquire with our specialists about the availability of cover for a wide range of other outdoor sports, for example:

We have also found that some climbers carry their recreation into their occupational activities. for example, industrial rope access (IRATA) work or mountain guiding. If you are engaged in a hazardous or dangerous occupation then you can also discuss the availability of financial protection for hazardous occupational activities as well.

The combination of your climbing, climbing grade, climbing altitude, lifestyle, health and occupation will assist in the determination the financial protection options that will be available to your particular circumstances.

We work with the whole of market to find cover and are not restricted to a captive or select number of financial protection products.

Even if you have existing cover in place, it may be worth a quick conversation with Sports Financial Services to compare your current cover and obtain a no-obligation quotation. Also, different insurers come to the market over time and others may change their terms. This may mean that different terms are available in the market place now than when you first applied for cover.

Why Choose Summit Financial Services – Giving back to the BMC

Additionally, we pass 10% from the commission generated from each policy back to the BMC to be reinvested into the BMC’s crucial initiatives such as enhancing access, preserving the environment, and supporting conservation efforts.

Your next move

To discover more about the benefits of cover for BMC members please call and speak to an experienced climbing and mountaineering specialist today.

You can call us for a free, no-obligation quote, on 0345 565 0937 or complete our quick enquiry form.

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