Mountaineering Insurance

mountaineering insurance

Summit Financial Services is different from many other insurance companies. We specialise in arranging mountaineering insurance, critical illness cover, income protection and private medical insurance for climbers, hillwalkers and mountaineers. We aim to provide the best quote that already takes your mountaineering activities into account. 

Mountaineering insurance experts

As mountaineering insurance experts, we know that not all climbing activities are the same. This means we know which questions to ask to ensure we provide you with the most accurate quote and get you the right level of financial protection. We understand the difference between trad climbing, sport climbing, a scramble in Snowdonia and a trek in Nepal. Our knowledge and understanding of your sport means we can advise each client individually, saving both time and any confusion. What’s more, Summit Financial Services are a trusted membership benefit of the British Mountaineering Council and Mountaineering Scotland.

Summit Financial Services mountaineering insurance

Since we are not tied to one insurer, we can compare different options to make sure you get the right policy to suit your needs at the best rates we can find. Whether you are looking to protect yourself, your family or your home, financial protection can give you some peace of mind in the event of a mountaineering accident. Summit Financial Services are here to help:

Why choose us for your mountaineering insurance?

There are a number of reasons why we think you should choose us as your mountaineering insurance provider. Firstly, we specialise in arranging financial protection for mountaineers, climbers and hillwalkers – all of our advisors are experienced in the industry. Another great advantage of choosing Summit Financial Services is that we have direct connections with specialist insurance underwriters – this helps us to obtain the right financial protection for your mountaineering activities. Thirdly, we are trusted in the industry as a membership benefit of the BMC and Mountaineering Scotland. This allows us to keep our knowledge up to date. Finally, we know that climbers are responsible individuals participating in a recognised sport and not ‘extreme risk taskers’ like many may believe. 

Contact us now for your mountaineering insurance quote

Whether you want mountaineering life insurance, critical illness cover, mortgage protection or income protection, Summit Financial Services are here to help. Contact us now for your free, no obligation quote. Even if you already have a mountaineering insurance policy in place, it may be worth getting in touch with us. We will be able to find out whether your current policy gives you the cover you need and any other products on the market that may better suit your needs. 

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