What Does Mountaineering Insurance Cover?

mountaineering insurance
What does mountaineering insurance cover?

One of the most commonly asked questions by mountaineers and climbers looking for life insurance, critical illness cover and income protection is ‘what does mountaineering insurance cover?’ Like anyone, financial protection is important for anyone with payment commitments or responsibilities such as a family. Mountaineering insurance can help in providing financial protection for climbers, hillwalkers and mountaineers. This will give you the financial peace of mind you need that your family and assets are protected which will allow you to fully enjoy your climbing experience.

What Does Mountaineering Insurance Cover?

How can Summit Financial services help with mountaineering insurance?

Summit Financial Services have built up over 20 years of experience working with mountaineers, climbers and hill walkers. This gives us the necessary knowledge and connections to ensure you can get the best possible mountaineering insurance to give you the cover you need. Some of the services we offer include confidential financial advice, an experienced personal advisor and an easy application process.

Which type of mountaineering insurance cover do I need?

The three main types of insurance cover we can help you with includes life insurance, critical illness cover and income protection. Together, we can discuss what type of cover you feel you want or need and from there help you make a decision as to which insurance policy best suits you. 

Life insurance– Ideal if you are looking for a lump sum to be paid following an accident or natural death.

Critical illness cover– This can help to support you and your loved ones if you are diagnosed with a certain medical condition.

Income protection– This option is suitable for you if you are concerned about an accident that may occur when climbing or mountaineering which could leave you unable to work for a period of time.

More FAQS about what does mountaineering insurance cover?

What does Summit Financial Services do?

At Summit Financial Services, we are committed to arranging life insurance, critical illness cover and income protection as well as private medical insurance. We work with climbers, hillwalkers and mountaineers to provide them with the best possible quote we can. Feel free to ask any questions you may have regarding mountaineering life insurance, critical illness cover and income protection. Our friendly, experienced advisors are happy with discuss all kinds of questions, such as:

Are there any premium loadings for my lifestyle, climbing and mountaineering activities?
Can I obtain Life Insurance for my mountaineering and other sporting activities?
Is Critical Illness Cover available for mountaineers?
Can I obtain Income Protection for my lifestyle and mountaineering activities?
Can I get Health Insurance or Private Medical Insurance?

What questions may I get asked during my mountaineering insurance enquiry?

With any insurance application for critical illness cover, income protection and life insurance, there are a number of questions you may be asked. When it comes to a mountaineering insurance quote, you can expect to be asked more specific questions that relate to your enquiry and mountaineering:

Health history & lifestyle (e.g. smoking or alcohol consumption)

Height ( ft/cm )

Weight ( lb/kg )


Health conditions

Current occupation/employment

Type of mountaineering activity

Highest altitude

Location of mountaineering activities (e.g. UK and/or international) and overseas mountain ranges

Climbing grades

Sport Governing Body membership (BMC, Mountaineering Scotland, Mountaineering Ireland)

Current income (for Income Protection enquiries)

The amount (£ GBP) of financial protection you require

The number of years for which the policy is required

Your choice of type of policy (e.g. decreasing or level term)

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