Why use a specialist mountaineering insurance provider?

Why Use a Specialist Mountaineering Insurance Provider?

If you are a mountain climber or hillwalker interested in financial protection for peace of mind, with such a variety of providers to choose from, you may be wondering ‘why use a specialist mountaineering insurance provider?’ 

Summit Financial Services are a specialist mountaineering insurance provider with over 20 years of experience in the industry. We have worked with thousands of mountaineers and hillwalkers to provide them the best financial protection at the best rates. Unlike other insurance companies who do not specialise in extreme sports like mountaineering, we aim to provide the best quote which already includes cover for your sporting activities.This helps to avoid any additional costs or exclusions once we have submitted your application to the insurer. Finally, another reason why you might want to use a specialist mountaineering insurance provider like Summit Financial Services is that we have excellent knowledge regarding each type of financial protection whether that be life insurance, income protection or critical illness cover. Therefore can guide you into the right direction when it comes to choosing the right type of protection to best suit your wants and needs.

Different types of mountaineering insurance

There are three main types of insurance cover. Summit Financial Services can discuss these three types which includes life insurance, critical illness cover and income protection. Together, we can decide what type of cover you feel you want or need and from there help you make a decision as to which insurance policy best suits you. 

Life insurance– Ideal if you are looking for a lump sum to be paid following an accident or natural death.

Critical illness cover– This can help to support you and your loved ones if you are diagnosed with a certain medical condition.

Income protection– This option is suitable for you if you are concerned about an accident that may occur when climbing or mountaineering which could leave you unable to work for a period of time.

Why use a specialist mountaineering insurance provider

What do our customers say about Summit Financial Services:

‘’I have dealt with this company on many occasions and would always trust their advice. They are experts in life insurance and also understand the risks involved in just about any outdoor activity you can think of! If you are a mountaineer, climber, etc they will get you the best cover and best rates available.’’

Thomas Phillip, Local Guide