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climbing insurance

Summit Financial Services have a proud history of providing financial peace of mind and financial protection for climbers, hill walkers and mountaineers. The climbing insurance Summit Financial Services offers includes life insurance, income protection and critical illness cover for a range of climbing activities. 

Over the past 22 years Summit Financial Services has worked closely with climbers and mountaineers and gained the knowledge and experience to offer the best value protection for your climbing activities.   

Climbing insurance company

Ever since our initial foundation, in the Yorkshire Dales, over 22 years ago, we have had a close affinity with the outdoors and the outdoor community who enjoy climbing, mountaineering and many other adventurous outdoor pursuits. With our knowledge of the technical aspects of climbing, our insurance network and our friendly team of advisers you are in safe hands. 

As with any insurance enquiry, we will discuss your health, lifestyle, occupation, climbing and financial protection needs in order to understand the requirements of your particular situation.

After such discussion, our climbing experts will be able to determine which types of financial protection options are available to you given your particular circumstances. 

Life insurance options for climbers

Climbers approach us seeking climbing insurance for various reasons. Whether you are looking for a lump sum for a family in case of death, financial protection in case of a specified illness or cover to protect your income in case of an injury or accident speak to one of our climbing specialists today. 

What are the options?

Options for financial protection can vary depending on your health, lifestyle, climbing, occupation and financial protection needs. Here are the main types of protection that we commonly discuss with climbers:

  • Life insurance: Typically a lump sum to financially contribute towards mortgage payments, paying bills or supporting a family in the unfortunate event of death.
  • Critical Illness Cover: Typically cover to provide some financial peace of mind should you be diagnosed with a specific medical condition detailed in the policy.
  • Income Protection: Financial protection if you have concerns that an accident or illness could stop you from working for a period of time.

Applying for climbing insurance

Summit Financial Services are climbing insurance specialists who are experts in providing life insurance for climbers. As with any sports life insurance, we will ask common lifestyle questions to better understand you, your climbing and the cover you need. 

Typical questions include:

  • What is your occupation and do you work as an outdoor instructor or climb as part of your work?
  • What type of climbing do you participate in (e.g. Sport, Trad, Bouldering, DWS, Alpine Climbing, Scottish Winter, Via Ferrata)?
  • What is your climbing grade (e.g. Sport grade, Trad grade, French grade, UIAA grade, Alpine grade, Scottish Winter Grade, Via Ferrata grade) ?
  • Where do you participate in climbing – UK, Europe or Worldwide?
  • What altitude do you climb to?
  • Current income (this is relevant if you are inquiring about income protection)

In addition to questions about your lifestyle, climbing and occupation we will also discuss the duration that you require cover for and the amounts of cover required.

  • Amount of financial protection you required?
  • The duration of policy – number of years you require cover for?
  • The type of policy you required – for example, increasing, decreasing or level term cover?

The combination of your climbing, lifestyle, health, recreation, occupation and other factors will assist in the determination of the options that will be available to you and the associated premiums.

Don’t worry if you already have a policy in place elsewhere. As we are climbing specialists, we will be happy to hear from you even if this is only to provide you with the peace of mind of knowing that your cover and premiums are comparable with current market products.

To discover more about the benefits of cover for climbers, please call and speak to an experienced adviser today. You can call us for a free, no-obligation quote, on 0345 565 0937.

Alternatively, to enquire online, please click the link above and complete the online form.

What does climbing insurance typically cover?

Climbing insurance typically provides coverage for a range of climbing-related activities, such as rock climbing, mountaineering, ice climbing, and bouldering. It often includes coverage for emergency medical expenses resulting from accidents or injuries sustained while climbing, including search and rescue costs. Additionally, insurance may offer coverage for trip cancellation or interruption, lost or damaged equipment, and liability protection in case you cause damage to property or injure someone while climbing.

Do I really need climbing insurance if I already have regular travel or health insurance?

While having regular travel or health insurance is beneficial, it may not provide sufficient coverage specifically tailored to climbing activities. Climbing involves inherent risks, and accidents or injuries can be costly, especially in remote or international climbing destinations. Insurance offers specialized coverage for the unique risks associated with climbing, such as helicopter rescues, specialized medical treatment, and equipment replacement. It’s recommended to carefully review your existing insurance policies to understand their limitations regarding climbing activities and consider supplemental climbing insurance for comprehensive coverage.

Are there any exclusions or limitations to insurance coverage?

Policies may vary in terms of coverage, exclusions, and limitations. Some common exclusions may include coverage for pre-existing conditions, extreme altitude climbs, competitive climbing, and professional guiding. Additionally, coverage may be limited based on the difficulty level of climbs or specific geographical regions. It’s important to thoroughly read the policy documentation, including the fine print, to understand any exclusions or limitations. If you have specific climbing plans or requirements, consider discussing them with the insurance provider to ensure they align with your needs.
Please note that these FAQs provide general information about climbing insurance, but it’s essential to consult with an insurance professional or company for specific details and to determine the most suitable insurance coverage for your climbing activities.

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